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How did you get here so quickly? And where did all the daffodils and flowering plum trees and quince bushes you brought with you come from? Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised, since Winter never really showed up here in the first place. But for this New Englander, Spring always comes eerily early in Northern California. Isn’t the landscape supposed to be dreary and barren until the ground thaws out in May?

My seasonal confusion probably hasn’t been helped by the fact that B and I just spent 2 weeks in Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa, where the temperature hovers around H-O-T °F and the humidity seems to be about 99.9% (literally, my skin was moist to the touch at all times). We were there for my sister-in-law’s wedding, a beautiful mix of French, Ivoirian, and Congolese (my new brother-in-law–exciting for this only child!–is from Kinshasa) traditions. It seems our family has taken a liking to February nuptials. Amélie and Julien were married one week to the day before B’s and my one year anniversary. And Mamie Jo and Papi René (B’s paternal grandparents) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary just last week.

Maybe February wedding celebrations are the best way to break out of the winter doldrums? They’ve certainly been a great excuse for travel for our family in France!

Since I never posted them last year, here are a few pics* from our Boston wedding.

Happy…dare I say it too soon?…Spring! Okay, not quite, but we’re almost there…

*All pics courtesy of our wonderful and talented wedding photographer, Joyelle West.


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